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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lisp is elegant when coding, Erlang is elegant in execution

I reached this conclusion after trying each of this languages at least for year now.

Lisp it´s great for coding because it's written in itself. This is one of the requirements for a language that want to be able to evolve into anything. You may or may not like it, but it´s flexibility is unarguable.

The same holds for Erlang processes when they are running. The system behaves as if it was alive. Multiple processes interact with each other. Some may be taking care of others, some might be giving orders to some. Some might just be waiting for orders. To me it really resembles a human company. One might be sick today but the company does not stop. There will be someone else that with a little bit of preparation is able to continue with the job. My dad says that no one is indispensable in a medium-big company. I believe no process should be indispensable in a medium-big programmed system.

Now, here is a thought. Wouldn´t it be great, if companies were able to create companies with the same material themselves are built upon? I don´t know how it would look but writing lisp and executing as Erlang sounds awesome to me.

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