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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Great gig! Very poor organisation!

Last Sunday I went to a Bruce Springsteen Concert in Bilbao (San Mames stadium). It lasted about 3 hours and 20 minutes and I only have good words to say about the bands performance. Bruce gave a very good image. They started the gig with a local song (the guy must have learnt it in hours) and then Bruce went on to say some words in Basque!

Great stuff, not so much the organisation of the queues though. It´s a pity the lack of professionalism displayed by the organization. I don´t exactly know how's fault it is but someone did it really bad. I have been in many concerts and never seem so much of a struggle to make a queue.

Ones the queue was formed, organised by people on the queue, they told us to move back and into one line because the queue was bending. When people on the front moved back, lots of people from the back started taking our places.

The story goes on, as people from the queue tried to reorganise ourselves again. However, the clever guys from the organisation moved couple of fences and the mess was right back. At the end we ended up jumping over each other when they finally opened the doors.

What a sad image gave Bilbao to the world. Bruce however, keeps infecting the fans with energy.

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