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Friday, July 24, 2009

Let the guy talk!

I was living in England back in June 2007 when Tony Blair resigned his position as Prime Minister. I have never been into British politics, however, I understood enough to notice that the Labour party wasn´t doing as good as it used to do few years before.

Then, Gordon Brown took Blair´s place and I thought "This is the end of an era. They are going to loose the next elections".

The truth is that I don´t know much of politics and even less about Gordon Brown. But I still believed Brown to be inferior compare to Blair. I had the opinion, people didn´t like Brown as much.

I have been leaving in the Basque Country for two years now, and haven´t payed any attention to politics in England but my opinion about Brown has changed. I don´t know if people likes him or how he is doing in the previsions but the guy knows how to give a speech.

It´s really worth watching his speech on TED. He speaks about how technology can drive globalization for good purposes. How we should use the Internet to spread the good moral actions and point and criticize the bad ones. The talk gets your attention from the first second.

It´s good stuff.

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