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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nginx and Linux

I intent to write few Erlang backends to hang from the Internet. I want to choose the simplest technology possible for the cause so I will use Nginx as a reverse proxy and lift the https work here.

As first step, I installed Nginx version 0.6.32 in a Debian box from the repositories. I did some simple configuration to display static files but the files would not show up. Nginx was displaying a forbidden page. I checked file permissions on the files and they were OK (or so I thought). It was set to read permissions for others. I searched the Web around but I got quite frustrated as the articles I checked were setting the permissions I already had.

Then I suddenly found it! It´s not only the files that have to have read permissions but the directory they are on has to have execute permissions too.

I love the GNU/Linux world. It just does what it's suppose to do.

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