Debbuging on Erlang

In one of those enjoyable side projects that I´m workin on, I have an Erlang node running on a remote machine. There isn´t much done so far, so I am continuously making changes to the software and reconpiling it on the way.

The language I´m using it´s Erlang and I use Emacs to connect to the node remotely and make the changes on the fly. The problem arises when I make a mistake and I want to debugg it. I´m quite new to Erlang and I´ve been finding it hard to test. It´s been a pain, using io:format every now and then.

Today as I was lingering around on the Web, I found the Erlang debbuger. I started trying out and man I´m happy! In order to use it, the modules about to debugg, need to be compiled with debbug info (c(module,[debbug_info])). Ones that´s done, just call the im() program and done!

The article can be found here.


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