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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Microsoft is investing in their future. The basque government is selling it to Microsoft

Apparently the decision was made due to the lack of support for Basque language in the free software world.
That was in any case what the Lehendakari, Patxi Lopez, said.
The guy has clearly not heard about EuskalGNU
or LibreZale. Basque politics is not in particular what I want to focus on, although it gives a chance for that too.

The problem here is deeper than that though. I don´t know the real reasons (don´t try to fool us talking about Basque support),
but The Basque government is buying 20000 net-books with Microsoft software preloaded for 5º students. I can not explain with words how mad I am about this fact. There is a reason why "not gig" people hasn´t heard about free software and the reasons root in decisions like the related above.

5º students, will be the future of this land, and what will they remember? that the net-books had
a program called Windows and this program had the ability to run and stop all the other ones.

If only governments could imagine the power that they are giving to companies like Microsoft...
Perhaps the amazon kindle incident could open some eyes.

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