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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Patents innovate your suing avilities

As this application to patent the act of patent trolling shows, the patent system is ridiculous. It´s not only that millions of people are against it. It´s that there are so many potential loopholes that makes it look ridiculous to my eyes.

Imagine you want to patent, the act of suing someone that has sued Google over patent infringement. That looks ridiculous doesn´t it? Let´s call the patent "patents_are_ridiculous". Imagine now that you sue Google for something even more ridiculous. Say web, crawling. You have not got a chance on court. However, anyone that sues you from now on, could be sued by you for infringement of the patent "patents_are_ridiculous" . Would this work? If you apply some mathematics, you could get infinite patents like that.

Just want to stress out that instead of helping to innovate in programing, patents encourage to innovate in litigation.

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