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Friday, September 24, 2010

Change for a change

I have lately been immerse in few changes to my home development system. A friend of simplicity and speed as I am, any linux desktop environment I tried was getting on my way lately. I have ran KDE,Gnome and XFC on top of Ubuntu. However I'm a keyboard guy, I like emacs like shortcuts and having full control of my environment.

After a while I decided to go with Ubuntu server and try to personalise it to my will. I installed stumpwm on it and was happily hacking for a while. I still, wanted still more control over each feature, though. I wanted the system to do exactly what I tell it to do. I was tempted to go for Gentoo but I thought it was to much for my linux knowledge. So I tried Achlinux instead.

It is very easy to install and I managed to have all the hardware recognised without much hassle.
I then choose i3 as windows manager and found it to be very suitable for my needs. Some battles have to be fought here, as the key bindings collided with some emacs bindings but nothing that could not be fixed.

Continouing with the simplicity line, moc (music on console) is a great app that plays music from command line. It starts a server when you run it and it just plays whatever folder you tell it to play. Installed an playing music in a minute!

As I mentioned in an eralier post, ledger it's and awesome and simple accounting program that can also be managed from the command line.

I also use a powerfull podcatcher called bashpodder. It's a very simple program wittren by Linc Fessenden.

Vlc as video viewer, feh to view images, Chrome and w3m for browsing, emacs for editing, Erlang and lisp for programing and [R] for plot generation, complete my list.
I am quite happy with the setup so far although there are still some things I would like to change.

Born to change!

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