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It is all about apples

Apparently Jesus was a clever guy. Not only the type of guy that tells the masses what they want to hear, but the type of guy that makes the masses want to hear what he has to say. This goes a step beyond pure marketing. To be honest I don't even understand how it gets to it. I want to believe there is more than one variable in the equation. I refuse to think that Jesus was all there is to christianism. Otherwise it is hard to believe how much crowd fanaticism a man can generate.
However, we can not underestimate his influence. Whether we was the man that took a normal idea an raised it to the next level or just took an already good idea and gave it a leap, he was the man.
I first heard about it on a Linux outlaws podcast the other day. They where comparing the success of Apple Inc. with christianism. I gave it a thought and the realisation it's difficult to digest. Whatever Jobs says people wants. People queues in apple stores in ways that equals some important cathedrals. Is i…