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A game of phones

What do you search for on a mobile telephony contract? Is it a new mobile phone you want? If so, bad luck. You just fallen into their trap. They build a spider web for you based on your lust for a new phone and then drain money out of you slowly but steadily.

Most of the contracts they offer are architected to set a cunning limit on either minutes or price. This is by definition not optimal for the user and yet they have bent the world to accept this terms. Not only that, but people plays this game every year and they still think they are getting out on the winning side. The painfull truth is that we are only marionettes on the hands of mobile operators.

I said that fixed pricing is bad by definition because in order to take full advantage of it, you have to nail your spending. And believe me, even if you do so, they still win. Now, imagine the score when you don't nail it...

So I searched around and I found a company that offers a price per minute you spend. No minimal requireme…