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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Linux proxying with weird password

Today I installed a VirtualBox ArchLinux image on a Windows XP PC. This PC is under a corporate network that uses a proxy to access the web. Therefore, I needed pacman to go through the proxy in order to update the system or install anything.

One solution I found is to do  "export http_proxy 'http://username:password@url:port'" on the command line. However the problem I had here was that my own password had the character '@' on it. This was confusing the program and could not authenticate against the proxy.

The work around I found is to make pacman use wget to pull packages. I changed /etc/pacman.conf file and uncommented the following line:

XferCommand=/usr/bin/wget ....

Ones that's done, we have passed around the proxy problem to wget. So we need to change the /etc/wgetrc file and activate the following:


That is it! Packman should now work like a charm!

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