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Monday, March 19, 2012


This post's title was going to be "Universities are to teaching what governments are to democracy" and I was going to write about my ideological point of view of the current situation on teaching. But after reading the paragraphs I wrote, I realised how extremely mad I am about this topic. Anger it's not a good friend when trying to make a point, so I decided to write something else instead. Incidentally, this something its about universities too. However, it is a new way to see universities. A vision that might start to materialise. It's called Udacity.

There are few things I like about Udacity. First and foremost, it's free. I believe that general knowledge should not have a price. Our world would be a better place if anyone can have access to all knowledge it is been taught at any point in time.

Its relatively fair. There is a marking system and every time there is so, it is impossible to be completely fair. However I do believe that Udacity it's on the right track to balance out this task.

It's very cool to have the ability to follow lectures at your own pace, stopping every time you want and rewatching whatever you wish.

Finally, I want to congratulate David Evans (he is so far the only one that I had the chance to follow) for his great explanations. He is a good teacher.

I do hope Udacity continues to deliver more teaching as this will mean that they struck a good chord.

Keep it up guys!

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