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This post's title was going to be "Universities are to teaching what governments are to democracy" and I was going to write about my ideological point of view of the current situation on teaching. But after reading the paragraphs I wrote, I realised how extremely mad I am about this topic. Anger it's not a good friend when trying to make a point, so I decided to write something else instead. Incidentally, this something its about universities too. However, it is a new way to see universities. A vision that might start to materialise. It's called Udacity.

There are few things I like about Udacity. First and foremost, it's free. I believe that general knowledge should not have a price. Our world would be a better place if anyone can have access to all knowledge it is been taught at any point in time.

Its relatively fair. There is a marking system and every time there is so, it is impossible to be completely fair. However I do believe that Udacity it's on t…