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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the name of progress stop hiding data

We swing in an ocean of data. Data coming in from all and every direction we turn. And yet, most of this data it's unaccessible to us, even though, often times, it's ourselves that generate this very same data.

Our house, has a geothermal pump for heating and hot water. The machine collects a lot of data. temperatures of underground water, outside temperature, operating hours etc. It has a some kind of socket on the back. So, I asked the company (Waterkotte) if they would guide me connecting to
the machine and if they could provide some specifications or Linux drivers ... silence. We paid about 10.000€ for it and i seems we don't get to play with the data.

Same with the internet access we have sign on with Telefonica. They installed the cable and plugged the router for us and bang!  There was internet access. That was great but then when I red the manual for the router it was only one page. How do you set up a network in one A5 page? If you access the router from the standard IP address (, it displays a customised page with very few capabilities. This might be enough more most people and I agree with this sort of thing but they should also provided full detail to unleash the whole power.

In my opinion, this kind of things stop progress. People with access to this sort of data and with open hardware like Raspberry pie, could do great things. Lots of start ups could flourish and everyone's live may be improved.

Why don't companies facilitate this and governments push for it then?

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