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Raspberry to Kindle

An awesome tool does not have to be perfect. This particular one, does not lack any technical capabilities in my humble opinion, yet it's not as free (as in freedom) as I would like. Nevertheless, I have been gifted with this piece of machinery called the Kindle and have all good words and gratitude to give.

Leaving aside Amazon's DRM policies (which I will try to avoid), the Kindle it's very light on your hands and reading on it it's a pleasure. There is a particular service that Amazon offers that I believe it's very powerful. You can send emails with a book attached, to a specific email address Amazon gives for every Kindle and the Kindle pulls the book when it's connected.

If you want to get the news every morning on your Kindle, you can combine this capability with Calibre which is a free software, eBook managing tool. Calibre, it's capable of fetching books as well as news from the web.

I have installed Calibre on a raspberry pie and set up a cro…