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Django does the work

If you happened to get involved in a website design that it's green field and you can choose technology, I encourage you to try Django. I am not saying that the are not comparable technologies, nor that you shouldn't try them, but this one it's a remarkably convenient tool to bring a website alive.

Django advocates for model design first and  provides the means to create database structures in a variety of relational databases automatically. Ones the models and the database are created, by switching on to the administration, all the maintenance work for the models it's done! You can show it to the client and start iterating on views or reports they may want to personalise.

Another another benefits I got along the way was python. It's a nice language on it's on and cross platform too. I am used to Linux but the project had to be released under windows. Fortunately, the technology chosen, allowed me to develop on Linux  and publish under windows.

The only negativ…