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HIoH (HIoH IoT Hub)

The internet of things it's a trendy topic lately. Armed with a myriad different little devices from temperature sensors to door bells, from elaborate sleep monitoring sensor, to cameras, weather stations, TV boxes or credit card sized computers, there is a ample world to explore.

How to bring together all this information that's been generated? meet HIoH IoT Hub. HIoH makes one assumption: Communication is going to be using MQTT protocol. This protocol is been battle tested and thought for machine to machine communication.

The project focuses on connecting to a MQTT broker and singing up to some configurable topics. Each topic is supposed to be a device. Every device will send data to the broker, and ones configured, HIoT will bring it all together. There is also the possibility for the communication to be from HIoT to device, openning a way to send commands.
Other than HIoH, what else do I need to have it all play as one?An MQTT broker. It can be any broker that impleme…