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Conventional bike - ebike convertion for commuting and for fun!

Among the myriad of personal projects laying around, one kept coming up every time
spring showed its head. With good weather conditions and long periods of sunlight
I wanted to commute to work by bike.

This year I had set myself up to the task and tried it a couple of times. The trip it's
about 4.7 Km and mostly on secondary roads and some tracks. I soon realised, that
the short but step climbs I had to overtake, where to much for daily commuting.

After some research on converting a bike to ebike, I found that the Mid Drives
developed by the Chinese company Suzhou Bafang Diandonchi Gongsi, better known in the west as Bafang or 8Fun,
 appear to be the "standard" on the Mid drive ebike conversion arena.

Note that Mid Drives are not the only option in town. There are wheel motors of a variety
of brands and models. However, the balance of the bike and the efficiency of the motor
looks like it's better with the Mid drives. They are also more expensive on average.

Now th…